Our ticket is proud run on a campaign of innovative ideas to improve the education of Jersey City's children.  Over the upcoming weeks, we will offer a positive vision coupled with rigorous public policies that we believe will unify this city.

The word 'united' defines our slate because to truly serve Jersey City's children, we must be willing to come together, to listen to each other, to respect each other and to put our future ahead of our self interest. We represent the people of Jersey City, not its politicians or special interests. And we hope both of us can prove to be an example for a new way of doing things in the City we love. Jersey City will succeed when we work together. For the good of all, we must put our children ahead of our politics.

The Candidates

Vidya Gangadin (4I)

Neil Abadie (5I)

Dominique Smith (6I)

The Platform

  1. Put Education First
  2. Bring Community and Accountability
  3. Ensure Sustainability
  4. Prepare
  5. Bring Inclusivity